Why Is Your Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Air Conditioner Freezing

When you notice your air conditioning unit seems like it just returned from a voyage to the Arctic tundra, your air conditioner is freezing up – and that’s troublesome.

So, why is my AC unit freezing up?

Most Common Causes for a Frozen Air Conditioner

1) Clogged Air Filter

Cause: A dirty air filter can be one symptom that creates a majority of air conditioning issues. When your air filter isn’t maintained regularly, dust and dirt can occur and obstruct proper airflow. 

In turn, this causes your refrigerant to over-cool and freeze any condensation located on your air conditioning. It can also cause your AC unit to blow out warm air.

Solution: If you notice some dirt or contaminants are beginning to form, give it a clean. We recommend you clean or replace your filters every 3 months. If the filter seems unrecognizable, the best alternative for you to get rid of it is to replace your air filter.

2) Low Refrigerant

Cause:  It can be one of the reasons why your air conditioner is freezing up. It can also be one of the main causes of many problems you are experiencing with your air conditioning unit. Always put in mind that a low level of refrigerant will make the evaporator coils freeze over. Your refrigerant can run low when you encounter some leak, caused by holes or cracks in your coils.

Solution: Reach out to a professional to make an assessment. If you do suspect a leak, feel free to turn off your AC unit right away.

3) Thermostat Levels

Cause: Blasting your air conditioning system can be a simple way to turn your AC into an ice cube. If frequently setting your thermostat at a low temperature, you are making a higher risk of freezing your coils.

Solution: Try to keep away from overusing or running your AC units overnight. Always make sure to only place your thermostat at low levels during heat waves or overly humid days.

4) Fan Malfunction

Cause: Do you encounter a broken or defective fan? For your information, it can be another problem that can result in a frozen air conditioning unit

Solution: If the fan is broken or not working, that’s a job for an expert technician.

Take Action as Soon as Possible!

Whether it’s an easy repair or a more complicated issue, a frozen air conditioning unit can put a huge dent in your cool and refreshing summer. The best way to get to the bottom of your air conditioner problems is by contacting our team at Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating. Don’t worry! We can book you an appointment for any air conditioning services that you need. Our team can also provide you top-quality and fast heating and air conditioning services at very friendly prices.