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Efficient HVAC Systems You Can Count On

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems operate to maintain the comfort and safety of your homes and businesses. Health benefits of an efficient HVAC system helps in prevention of molds, which usually increases in warm and moist areas.

It is very important to have your HVAC systems maintained and checked every year to have it kept its purpose and efficiency. Heating and air-conditioning are of the highest importance in both residential and commercial properties. That is why it is always important to have professional help when occurring HVAC system problems.

Don’t look any further, Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help for all your HVAC system’s needs!

The Leading HVAC Repair Service Company

One of the most important functions of your HVAC is making sure that the air in your home is not idle, which can increase the risk of airborne illnesses, like colds, flu, and other respiratory diseases. Your HVAC is taking a huge part in having both comfortable homes and healthier for you and your family’s health.

Over 10 years of experience, Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating is the leading HVAC service company in the country. We specialize in air conditioning, air quality, air ducts, heaters, gas fireplace, furnace, and many more. We also do service installations and remodeling HVAC units for your homes and businesses. Rely on your HVAC needs in our team of professional, knowledgeable, and highly competent technicians. Our company is also licensed and insured to bring you guaranteed quality service and for your safety, too.

We have been successful in the business for more than a decade now because we only hire qualified and skillful individuals to ensure quality service at its best.

Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating will forever continue providing outstanding customer service that has been our label since we started this company. As long as we give our best to our customers, and they are satisfied and content with each of our services, we are at our best.

Your Trusted Air Conditioning and Heating Services Here In San Diego

Looking for someone to provide you with amazing and affordable HVAC services here in San Diego? You’re in the right place! Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating provides full HVAC services, which include repairs, installations, maintenance, and upgrades of any kind. As a leading HVAC service contractor, we strive hard to provide our customers with honest, reliable, and reasonable pricing. Our certified and experienced technicians will provide you with expert, up to date, and preferred solutions whether you need of these following services such as:

  • Air Conditioning Services ( Maintenance & Repairs)
  • Heating & Furnace Services ( Installation & Repairs)
  • Thermostat Repair & Installation Services
  • Emergency HVAC Repairs

Our goal is to make sure that your heating, cooling, and air conditioning system maintains your residential or commercial premises at an adequate temperature throughout the change of the seasons. We fully understand that each person has individual requirements when it comes to air quality. That’s why it is always best to look and hire one of our professionals to better handle your concerns with your HVAC system.


At Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating, we take pride in being one of the most effective HVAC contractors here in San Diego and neighboring areas. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured to provide expert HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installations both residential or commercial structures. Our team has decades of experience in the industry and highly-trained technicians who are fully equipped to service all major brands of HVAC units.

Hire Us and take advantage of our exceptional and inexpensive HVAC services today!



Jane K.
Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating are simply the best!!! Professional service and knowledgeable technicians. They did an amazing job when I called them for an air conditioning repair. It was making so much noise. And now, it was working perfectly fine, again! Thanks, guys, I will definitely recommend your services to my family and neighbors!
Alex l.

I highly recommend Modern Family Air Conditioning & Heating to all of my friends for the excellent HVAC services they did! It was my first time using their HVAC repair service a week ago. I thanked their technician for exerting much of his effort and time in resolving my furnace that was overheating. I can conclude that the technician was trained by his technician’s head to become more competent in doing the assigned task related to HVAC. For me, you deserve to be known by a lot of people who also need your assistance. Five stars for the technician’s work!

Barbara M.
NO TIME DELAYS! The service that I requested from this HVAC repair company was provided right on. It was nice to hire these guys because they were able to handle my unit’s issue in a snap. The service that I had from them was indeed outstanding, and I could not ask for more about it. A truly efficient and effective display of performance! I will surely recommend their services to everyone!

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